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For human medicinal products in the context of the International Conference on Harmonisation (“ICH”) , an electronic exchange standard for the submission of regulatory information by applicants for marketing authorisations for medicinal products to the relevant competent authorities has been developed.

Based on the ICH Common Technical Document (CTD), the ICH M2 Expert Working Group has developed the electronic CTD (eCTD) Specification and released version 3.2 in February 2004. The European Union applies the eCTD Specification in the European region and completes it with the European Module 1.

In addition to the continued development and maintenance of the electronic submission standards, and in order properly to implement the eCTD from the perspective of the EMA and National Competent Authorities, there are a number of prerequisites. These include development of the necessary business processes to receive and handle electronic submissions (particularly the eCTD); development of policies particularly those with regard to electronic archiving; and development and implementation of an appropriate technical infrastructure and implementation of systems. Most notable here is the requirement for a tool that will enable Competent Authorities that choose to implement it to receive, validate, store and make available for review marketing authorisation applications and supporting documents submitted electronically by applicants using the eCTD (commonly known as the European Review System or EURS).

For veterinary medicinal products, esubmission guidance has also been developed.

These different initiatives can be encompassed within the general term 'electronic submission implementation'.

For technical support, please visit the EMA Service Desk portal using your user credentials for a system hosted by EMA (except Eudravigilance). If you do not have an account or have forgotten your credentials, please click here

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A presentation on the outcome of the first ‘proof of concept’ UAT on CESSP is now available here.


Essential maintenance to EMA computer applications affecting PSUR Repository on Saturday, 24 June

PSUR/eSubmissions Web User Interface (to create the delivery file) will be intermittently unavailable between 09:00 and 19:00 on Saturday, 24 June due to essential maintenance. EMA’s gateway will remain available for all communities throughout and any files submitted during that time will be put in a queue for processing once the deployments have been completed.

If you have any questions, please contact the EMA Service Desk.


New versions of the 4 electronic Application Forms (eAF v. 1.21) and the related release notes are now available here. This version of the forms provides usability improvements and defect fixes and aims to improve the user experience for all users. This new version, 1.21 of the forms can be used as of today (20th June 2017) and will fully replace the version after transitional period, on1 September 2017. Version of the forms will be withdrawn from the eAF website on 20th June 2017 however it may be used until 31st August 2017. The version of the form should not be changed during an ongoing procedure.


Version 1.21 of the eAFs will be available on 20 June 2017. The release v1.21 provides usability improvements and technical defect fixes. Following a successful User Acceptance Testing (UAT) the release schedule has now available to provide more information regarding the mandatory use of version 1.21.
An updated version of the eSubmission Gateway XML delivery file user interface and the PSUR Repository is planned for Tuesday 27th June 2017. The eSubmission Gateway UI update will introduce improvements to the user interface and new fields. This change is a further step towards integration of the XML delivery file and the Formatted Table Template; however this release does not affect the use of the Formatted Table Template.

Users should note that in some cases delivery files created prior to the new release on 27th June 2017 may not work following the deployment of the new versions. It is recommended to clear the cookies and refresh your browser before creating delivery files using the updated user interface to avoid any issues.
An interactive training session introducing the changes on the eSubmission Gateway delivery file will be held on Monday 26th June at 11am UK time. Attendance is on first come first serve basis.

To register to join the training please contact: by Friday 23rd June 2017.


Essential IT maintenance to EudraVigilance applications the Weekend of June 17th 2017

Due to essential maintenance between Friday, 16th June 2017 17:00hrs and Sunday 18th June 2017 23:30hrs (UK time), EudraVigilance Human (for ICSR and Product) and EudraVigilance Veterinary (including EV Web and Gateway) will be unavailable. For any questions, please contact the EMA Service Desk.


An updated version of the eCTD v4.0 EU M1 Implementation Guide is now available for public consultation. The eSubmission Change Management Board invites all pharmaceutical companies, vendors of eCTD building and reviewing tools and competent authorities to take part in this consultation and provide comments by 30th September 2017. Please provide your comments using the comment template; and any questions regarding further development and clarifications of the released draft documents to: The Implementation Guide and relevant documents can be found here.

The Annex VI of the eSubmission Roadmap on the implementation of mandatory use of VNeeS format for Veterinary regulatory submissions has been updated to reflect the updated eSubmission Roadmap v2.0 and is now available here.


Version 1.21 of the eAFs will become available on 20 June 2017. The release v1.21 will provide usability improvements and technical defect fixes.
We are organising a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to support the release of this next version of the forms:

  • The testing by Industry and NCAs will take place
    • Industry: from Mon 22/05/17 to Fri 26/05/17
    • NCAs*: from Mon 29/05/17 to Fri 02/06/17   (*Based on the eAFs received from Industry)

If you wish to participate, please email  A feedback form for consolidated comments will be provided to you following your registration.



Previous news is available here


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