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Updated EU M1 eCTD Specification

The EU eCTD Module 1 Specification has been updated to reflect clarifications and the updated version 3.0.3 is now available. The version 3.0.3 entered into force in November 2017 for immediate use. There are no changes to the DTD in this version (version 3.0.1 is still valid) and the validation criterion was not changed as a result of this update.  However, please note that new validation criteria (version 7.1) came into force 1 September 2018.

  EU M1 v1.4.1 EU M1 v2.0

EU M1 v3.0.1

EU M1 v3.0.3
Status For reference only For reference only

Version 3.0 is replaced by version 3.0.1 (minor correction of the DTD)

Version 3.0.2 is replaced by version 3.0.3 (editorial update)

Approved -  to be used from April 2017
Release Notes

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View View - 12.7.2016 View 16.11.2017
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DTD Download   v.3.0.1 v.3.0.1
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Package Download Download Download - 06.06.2016 Download - 06.06.2016
Implementation Guide   Download Download - 12.7.2016 Download - 06.06.2016
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eu-regional.dtd 91654e96e3bafc5e89df7f892477b246 9dc9debb051a9e5762fc19a1f55132da 290503BF171E7E2E80EF90F0BDE5D91E 290503BF171E7E2E80EF90F0BDE5D91E
eu-envelope.mod  664a76e3f31a9553d3375d3b21815904 0ebe02fcdff7e40eff94a88074ca21 D0727AE0FB68B19EDAE49AB9E2E22A4A D0727AE0FB68B19EDAE49AB9E2E22A4A
eu-leaf.mod 2e976bc60658a964affa5026369a371e 23b854174e61c68044b9f53c0009af95 23B854174E61C68044B9F53C0009AF95 23B854174E61C68044B9F53C0009AF95
eu-regional.xsl 54f9889822e1d08cc23b902fc6a66aaa bf40b657579356c7b4d6c866625d8171 0107179C3739EBBD6B00CE492FE6E1E7 0107179C3739EBBD6B00CE492FE6E1E7




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